Educational lifesavers for Moms: iLearnWith’s revolutionary games

by Suzanne Keith from

Keeping young children properly stimulated is often an adventure for moms especially when you need a few minutes to do work or are waiting at the doctor’s office. While we don’t want to be “Tiger mommies”, we do want to make sure that our children get the educational stimulation they need for success in life. However, sometimes when moms have multiple children, tasks and even the need to go to the bathroom alone, we need something to occupy our children without feeling guilty. We were all raised that the TV cannot be the babysitter, but how are we to get dinner on the table, the carpool confirmed and the work project sent?

To be honest, we have often used our smartphones and tablets as a way to keep the children busy. However, the SubwaySurf game App does not cut the mustard in enriching the lives of our children. So we have been struggling to find age appropriate educational Apps. Luckily, we recently discovered wonderful new Apps that provide a fantastic learning experience for both our seven-year old daughter and our 4-year-old niece. iLearnWith from Tribal Nova the developers of PBS KIDS PLAY! has introduced a series of educational games exclusively for the family touch screen tablet.

The girls really enjoy Planet Boing. While both girls can take turns playing the App, they are introduced to levels appropriate for their age. Planet Boing features games that focus on four key skill sets critical for early learning: math, science, language and literacy. What makes this game revolutionary is that it analyzes and reports your child’s progress along the way. In fact, it even creates a personalized learning path for your child. What a win for us moms to have an educational learning tool that keeps our angels occupied while we make their dinner. Meanwhile, between their squeals of delight, the children are challenged to build their essential skills while earning fun rewards. The girls just love playing Planet Boing.

Now, we have to work hard to coax our children away from the game and join us for diner. One successful coaxing technique we are using is: if they are good helpers we can download the next series, i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures!

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