Five Benefits of App use in Early Education for Children

by Julia Gabriel from

I admit that I am no expert when it comes to early education, but with 5 kids, 2 who have been regularly exposed to apps, I have seen first hand how apps have helped my 2 youngest children get a head start for school. My son and youngest daughter have started reading earlier, are able to do math long before their peers and have an uncanny ability to transfer skills learned from educational apps into real situations. When used correctly and in conjunction with traditional mediums educational apps for kids can help provide educational paving stones for children of all abilities. Below are the 5 benefits I have found for app use for kids ages 3-8.

#5 Apps are interactive: Children enjoy learning more when they receive regular feedback as to their progress. With learning apps, like Planet Boing, there is a system of rewards that encourage children to complete each level and earn rewards. Think of it as the new version of a sticker chart.

#4 Apps help prepare kids for the future: Technology isn’t going anywhere. When children use age appropriate apps on devices such as the iPad they are learning to use the tools that will become more and more part of daily life in the future.

#3 Track Your Children’s Progress: Some apps offer a way to track your children’s progress as they use them. With progress reports you can actually see how each app is helping to improve skills like reading, math, phonics and more.

#2 Portability: I love that I can take our favourite learning apps, like i Learn with Poko: Fun Counting and Addition!, where ever we go and fit in a fun lesson anytime. Standing in line at the grocery store? Waiting for an appointment? Sit down and practice science, math or reading for 10 minutes. The classroom can go where you go and no heavy book bag to carry.

#1 Fun! Who says learning can’t be fun? Apps for kids are specifically designed to maximize engagement and keep little ones learning without even realizing they are. With the right apps you are support the learning and development of young minds in an entertaining way.

30 thoughts on “Five Benefits of App use in Early Education for Children

  1. I think apps for kids are amazing. I can’t believe how easy my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter just seemed to naturally take to them. Like walking or talking it was no big deal and like you say using them in real life seems a natural transition.

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  3. It impresses me what my son can do with technology. I have a few apps that he uses all the time. It is a great and fun way for him to learn without knowing they are learning!

  4. My daughter has learned so much from Apps on my iPad! She’s learned shapes, colours, animals, alphabet, etc. It makes it fun for her and she feels like a big girl using them :)

  5. What good points! It drives me nuts when adults approach learning as if it has to be a serious thing. Not only CAN learning be fun, it SHOULD be fun, for gosh sakes! :) And I love that point about preparing for the future too. Like it or not, the technological revolution is in full swing. I, for one, am going to embrace it!

  6. I used to boycott the use of electronics and apps for young children. My brother’s kids were not even 2 and were addicted to the iPad, computer, and video games. I didn’t want that for Little One. I wanted her to learn first to enjoy playing outdoors and doing things like learning how to tie her shoes. She’s 3.5 years old and she was exposed to the iPad last Christmas while vacationing with my brother’s family. I have to say that I am impressed with some of the kids’ apps that are out now and they really are good for problem solving, coordination, etc. It amazes me how quickly she can solve a puzzle on the Playbook!

    Great post, as always!

  7. I think apps are a very valuable learning tool and parents are smart to take advantage of the opportunity they present. My kids are grown now so we didn’t have these technological gadgets when they were little, but, if we did I would have jumped at the opportunity to expose them to this great tool.

  8. Education apps helped my 4 year old prepare for Pre-K, which he doesn’t love, but at least he’s ahead. Along with his older sister’s help (she’s 7), he already knows how to read and decode words.

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