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13 thoughts on “Giveaways

  1. My 4 yr old daughter loves all the apps that we’ve downloaded for her. She plays them for hours, and she learns at the same time. My 1 yr old daughter loves to watch her sister play. They both get excited playing these apps.

  2. Appli éducative et ludique. Bon du coup ma fille de 4 ans me demande tout le temps ma tablette. Un bon moyen d’apprendre toutven s’amusant, toujours une bonne recette. Merci.

  3. My 5 year old was falling behind in math, and I downloaded Savannah! and she loves the alien creatures and especially when she gets to size it’s body parts. I love the learning and progress tracking feature.

  4. My four year old grandson loves these activities. I love that he’s having fun learning. And the fact that they’re free makes them even better. The graphics and music very well done.