Progress tracking:

  • Create an i Learn With account in order to take full advantage of the personalized learning and tracking features. You can create and track up to four different child profiles.
  • Follow the progress of your child in the Progress Tracking area of the Parents’ Center.
  • The progress report shows your child’s advancement in each game.
  • The detailed progress report indicates the number of attempts for each game and your child’s average success rate.
  • The detailed progress report also enables you to compare your child’s success rate with other children his or her age.
  • For a full report on your child’s progress in the i Learn With program, we invite you to visit the Parents’ section of the free Planet Boing! app.

Learning steps:

  •  Each game is divided into 3 levels, and each level is broken down into progressively more difficult steps. Your child goes through the different levels at his or her own pace, according to his or her success rate. Our system adapts the level of difficulty to the learning capabilities of the child. Each difficulty level corresponds to what a child is supposed to learn at a certain age:  3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 years old.

Objectives and medals

  • Your child has a set amount of time to achieve specific game objectives. Speed is taken into account to determine the overall performance and which medals are earned for each step. Speed does not impact the success rate.
  • If the child does not complete the round within the allotted time, Boing gives him or her the option to start over (with no impact on performance).
  • The purpose of the medals is to encourage children to replay and improve their performance and therefore fosters learning by repetition.


  • For each new step completed, your child earns a reward that can be found in Boing’s spaceship.
  • Rewards encourage children to progress through the educational games, helping them get ready for school, while having fun.
  • These rewards can be used in the free and fun central application Planet Boing! to create new characters and play with them on their planet.

Moving up through the levels

  • The application suggests the level of difficulty best suited to your child’s abilities.
  • Your child can nonetheless choose to play any other level of lower complexity at any time.
  • Each new attempt at the level will be compared to the child’s current record and a new medal will be rewarded if the score is improved.


  • The data on your child’s progress is used to suggest the game levels that are best suited, and recommends the next apps from the i Learn With program that will complement his or her learning within our education program.
  • Our objective is to encourage a harmonious development across a full range of subjects, and thus build a solid foundation for school.