iPad Educational Apps enhance learning in young lives

by Rebecca Solis-Autry from www.momssavingmoney.com

I appreciate all the wonderful apps including the iLearnWith apps that have assisted in helping my kids with their delays. I have two boys ages 4 and 5 with delays in speech; one has expressive and the other has responsive delays. Both are getting services from a speech therapist at their school. I was introduced to apps that can be used on the iPad to help assist them.

My son, who is 4, and has expressive speech delays, enjoys i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures because he likes being able to hear the sounds and blends of letters and is encouraged repeatedly to say them. I’ve seen in the short time we’ve started using iLearnWith apps and others introduced to us by the speech therapist how vastly both of them have improved. Both of my kids have a long way to go but the apps have certainly been a great asset to their learning.

Our biggest problem now is that I have 3 kids and they all like playing on the iPad but we only have one and it’s mostly for mommy’s work! We now have the interesting and messy arguments whose turn and how long each one of them has been on the iPad. I like being able to use the games for a learning purpose.

I used to not like the idea of introducing our kids to video games until they turned 10 but when we learned about the delays the kids had I was a little more open to the idea. I didn’t want my kids to be consumed by video games and learning to shoot or pick on a bad guy, but with the learning apps they are learning their letters, sounds and seasons, numbers and many more. I am more confident now that the kids are using their gaming time in an educational way.

So would you introduce your kids at an early age to games that are educational? What age do you think is appropriate for kids to start playing games?

One thought on “iPad Educational Apps enhance learning in young lives

  1. I introduced my child to computer at young age and I’ve seen my goddaughter’s son who was born prematurely, master his mother’s Kindle. It is a great learning tool.