i Learn With Poko: Emotions and Colors!

Poko, Bibi and Minus learn about emotions by watching short animated stories and they explore painting by playing with primary colors. Your child can play different games with them: by choosing little pictograms that mirror the expressed emotions or by selecting and mixing colors for Poko’s drawings.

Key features:

Emotions and colors is part of the iLearn With educational program for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten designed to get your child ready for school while having fun!

  • Cross-curricular game-based learning program in math, science, literacy, language and more
  • Self-adjusting levels of difficulty
  • 18 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn
  • Designed by educational and child development experts


Emotions - Your child will watch a short video or an animated clip and will have to identify the emotions felt by the characters in the clip by choosing the right emoticons. Listen to Poko, Bibi and Minus’ stories and suggest the best tactics to help the characters work through their emotional situations. Colors - Select, mix and apply the correct paint colors that match Poko’s artwork.

Primary skills taught

Arts and social development

Secondary skills

  • Listening and comprehension
  • Problem solving
  • Visual and kinesthetic learning
  • Critical thinking (elimination process)


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“Many children have trouble identifying their own feelings, and they certainly can’t explain them to others. By using apps that deal realistically with emotions, children begin to understand and use their new “feelings” vocabulary. iLearn with Poko: Emotions, Feelings and Colors is a fun way to practice identifying feelings. It’s a great app with a useful purpose- that makes it a Top Pick on Fun Educational Apps.” - Fun Educational Apps
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“My preschool-aged daughter had to get used to the slower-paced videos at first. But when she did, I can tell it has already helped her to build some empathy skills as she is understanding why her baby sister can one minute be happy or excited followed by crying and upset within minutes. From observing her play this, I can also see these video scenarios as helping children in the classroom work on social and emotional skills with others also.” - Technology in Special Education
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“All in all, it's a nice beginner peek at looking at emotions, what they look like in action and problem solving happy solutions. It's a cozy pretend and sit down with friends to look at a video accompanied by pairing "faces" with "emotions". It also gives a place for a new color scientist to play with color application and mixing. This app is a great jump-start to little one's overall kindness and coloring their world beautiful.” - Smart Apps for Kids
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“This app has been another big hit with our children! They always love to play with their own profiles and earn their own rewards. As a mother and home educator I always really appreciate the slowly advancing difficulty levels in the iLearn With series.” - Apps for Homeschooling
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“What we love: the ability to translate learning from an app to real life is fantastic! The bright colors and clarity of the expressions in the emotions section as well as the critical thinking required for both the emotions and mixing of paint colors.” - The iMums
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“Absolutely nothing beats a new title that’s part of the i Learn With series by TribalNova. Their latest offering,Emotions, Feelings & Colors ! is no different than the rest, offering stellar gameplay with an educational twist, fantastic graphics, and engaging characters from top to bottom. ” - The iPhone App Review
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“My 2 year old really enjoys the Emotions game and has learned the names of several of the emotions and has even started using them in other settings. If he sees another child crying, he will point to him and say “He feels sad”. As a mother, I really appreciate apps like iLearn with Poko that find creative ways to teach these crucial social development concepts. I really feel like my kids have benefitted and learned from their time playing this app and I think your families will too.” - The iPhone Mom
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“Children in preschool and early elementary school will find iLearnWith Poko:Emotions to be very entertaining. While parents may find that some of the stories are repetitive, children will not mind hearing similar stories because they involve the cute Poko, Bibi and Minus characters and require children to choose different faces.” - Best Apps for Kids
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“Relaxing and gentle activities that entice little children without frustrating them is what makes this app so special. Understanding feelings is easily explained. Blending colors is learned, but best of all, no messy clean up is needed here! Children will progress smoothly through tasks, learning as they do so, and getting even better acquainted with their favorite iLearn With characters - Poko, Minus, Bibi and Mr. Murphy in iLearn With Poko: Emotions and Colors!” - Cool iPhone iPad apps
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“Overall this app offers a great developmental tool for parents to utilize and engage with their child while they learn more about labeling emotions and colors. I recommend watching the short emotional clips with your child. Then talk about a real scenario in their life and help them to name the emotions he or she felt. This can be a great way to take iPad gaming and apply it to your child’s immediate surroundings.” - iGame Mom
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“My youngest – in the last weeks of being 2 years old – loves this game. She has even learned how to show me her different faces; a scowl for “mad face” or a big, toothy grin for “happy face”. Emotions, Feelings, and Colors is just another wonderful addition to the iLearn library. ” - iPad Kids
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