i Learn With Little Pim!

The lovable panda Little Pim teaches 3 to 6 year old kids their first words and short sentences in one of the three foreign languages offered by the i Learn With program (Spanish, French and Chinese). This app is based on the Entertainment Immersion Method™ and the Little Pim DVD series, winner of 22 awards.

Key features

This app is part of the i Learn With program for kids 3 to 6 designed to get your child ready for school while having fun!

  • Cross curricular game based learning program in math, science, literacy and more
  • Self adjusting levels of difficulty
  • Designed with educational and child development experts


The Entertainment Immersion Method™ For each game level, Little Pim first demonstrates both visually and aurally the vocabulary word or phrase, helps the player acquire the vocabulary, and then validates and reinforces the newly acquired knowledge. Animation and interactivity help provide context in this immersive language learning experience. All instructions are in the language being taught. There are three themes: waking up in the morning, playing and mealtimes. In each activity your child plays three progressive levels with Little Pim. Level 1 - Nouns: Little Pim will introduce some words to be learned by comparing different pictures and working on listening skills. Level 2 - Verbs: Little Pim will teach how to use nouns with basic verbs to explore simple actions. Level 3 - Sentences: The last level is a combination of everything that was learned, Little Pim will help the child build short sentences.

Primary skill taught

Foreign languages

Secondary skills

  • Listening and comprehension
  • Visual and kinesthetic learning
  • Knowledge of category and subcategories


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”Little Pim Spanish was easy to navigate, colorful, and it made learning Spanish vocabulary fun… It is grounded in solid methodology and will expose kids to a second language” - Padgadget.com
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"iLearn with – Little Pim Spanish is a great introduction to Spanish for toddlers and kindergarten. We really like the fact that it allows kids to learn nouns, verbs and then combines the 2 in a sentence so kids can start building sentences. The design is bright, colourful and very easy to use for little fingers… Another nice app from the iLearn with educational program which offer fun game-based learning.” - Funeducationalapps.com
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