Planet Boing! Fun Preschool Creativity Game

Motivate your child to keep on learning! Planet Boing Fun Preschool creativity game is a FREE game for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten and the reward center for all the iLearn With kids educational games! Planet Boing offers an incredibly engaging, free play environment filled with music, interactivity, and bright, colorful animations, that motivates your child to build essential skills in math, science, literacy and more!

Have fun on Planet Boing!

Your child will use his or her creativity to customize and dress up a wide variety of playful, bouncing aliens using fun accessories. Your child can then play with them by triggering a bunch of visual animations with fun effects and a unique music mix. Players can use real backgrounds to play with – or even put themselves (or their favorite pet) in the scene! Players can also take pictures with the cute little aliens they’ve created. The planet grows richer as your child plays with the Boings and new decorations and characters appear.

Learn to Earn!

Motivate your child to build skills in literacy, math, science and more. The planet is a reward zone for kids with up to 300 virtual items that Boing brought back from earth as souvenirs. Enough items are provided with the free download to make it fun and exciting even without a purchase, but the goal is to motivate kids to earn more items by completing game levels in the educational apps.


© 2014 BOING and I LEARN WITH are exclusive trademarks of TRIBAL NOVA INC. All rights reserved. This fun creativity game was designed for kids in PreschoolKindergartenPre-K, 1st year of Primary school and Homeschool.

"This app has been absolutely addictive for my children. They think Boing is so incredibly cute. They LOVE the reward app Planet Boing! And they’re basically excited to play with him no matter where he leads." -
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"The reward area, where the child can go to play with items unlocked by successfully completing the mini-games is terrific, perhaps the best in any app I have tested." -
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"Kids will doubtlessly love the inherent zaniness they discover while exploring Planet Boing." -
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"I was introduced to the iLearn With Apps and I am impressed." -
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"We just can’t get enough, no just can’t get enough-of the adorable alien Boing!" -
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