If you are having trouble with your game and don’t see your question below, write to us at support@ilearnwith.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


System Requirements:
An iPad with iOS 4.3 and above.

My app didn’t download.
Make sure your 3G or WiFi connection is working. The App Store should know that your download was interrupted and continue whenever your connection is restored. If this does not work, please go to http://www.apple.com/support/itunes.

My app crashed.
First, power off your iPad by moving the slider. After it shuts down, turn your iPad back on and then restart the app. If that doesn’t solve the issue, make sure your device is running the latest iOS version. To verify this, synchronized your device with iTunes on your computer. Also, be sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. To check this, open iTunes, click the Help menu and choose “Check for Updates”. One last thing to try: If you synchronized your app from a computer to your iPad, there could have been an issue with the sync. Try removing the app from your iPad and then sync again. If your app continues to crash, please email support@ilearnwith.com.

I purchased the full version of the app but the games are still locked.
If after purchasing the full version of the app the games are still locked, please contact us directly at support@ilearnwith.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The sound in the app doesn’t work.
Please verify if your iPad isn’t set to mute via the On/Off button that is located right next to the sound buttons on the side of the iPad: • Double click quickly on the Home button of your iPad. This will bring the task bar of opened apps in the bottom of the screen.
• Once this bar is opened, slide it to the right so you can see a few of the iPad’s setting directly.
• You should then see the following options appear in the said bar:


• If the circled icon appears, your iPad is therefore set on Mute and clicking on it will enable the sound in our apps once again. While this Mute setting does not affect the audio of all and every apps, it affects ours and could very well be the reason why you do not have any sound with them.

How do I turn off in-app purchases?
• Go to “Settings” and tap on the “General” section.
• Then tap on “Restrictions”.
• If you have not already done so, start by enabling “Restrictions”, via the bar at the top right. You’ll have to enter and confirm a four-digit passcode when you do this.

How do I remove my app?
Press and hold the app icon until all the icons start to wiggle. Then press the “x” in the top-left corner of the app you wish to remove. Tap the Delete button to remove the app. Press the circular Home button (on the frame of your iPad) to complete the process. WARNING: If you do not have a backup of the app on a computer or another device, you will need to purchase it again from the App Store if you change your mind later.

How can I get a refund?
For billing inquiries for your App Store purchase, go to http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/.

Where do I write for technical support?
For technical support, please email support@ilearnwith.com.